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Memorial Day Anthology Blurb:

Many Americans have forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day but we feel it’s important to honor our fallen heroes. It’s a day to wear the red poppy handed out by the older veteran, a reminder that brave men and woman forfeited their lives to keep our homeland safe.

We’ve lost the meaning of the true reason this day was set aside for; to morn and honor those who died serving a nation during a war, whether on foreign soil or right here at home. The people we remember were mothers and fathers. They were sisters and brothers. They were beloved wives and husbands. Sadly, they were the strongest and bravest of our children.

We've chosen to honor them with stories of bravery, love, sacrifice and in some cases, just the human need to honor our dead and move forward with life and love again. When we think of the men and women who serve us every day, we should shudder with humility, for they are truly a rare breed.

From the Revolution through the World Wars and to modern day Afghanistan and Iraq, we want to thank our men and women in uniform. Here at home we tip our hats to our fire, police, rescue, guards, and all of the men and women who help ensure our safety right near our own front door. Our talented authors have created these stories to honor these brave Americans.

As poet, Moina Michael wrote in 1915, "That blood of heroes never dies.� We hope our contributing authors and their stories help accomplished just that.

On May 28, 2012, set aside a moment to think of those brave fallen. Celebrate life and diversity of the tasks of those who serve us and say a thank you to the heavens.

Rebel Ink Press

How can one comprehend the pain of a young mother torn away from her five-year-old boy to defend her country on the battlefield?

A car accident killed Marissa's husband three years prior. Now, as a single mom, she has to leave her little boy behind. The Army has called her to serve in the desert of Iraq during the post war era of Iraqi Freedom.

As a medic, Marissa faces danger and is a witness to brutality and destruction while she aches to be home with her little boy. Worse, her son's pleading for her to come home and hug him is a sword that pierces her heart each and every call.

Only the camaraderie of Marissa's friends and a forbidden romance that develops between her and a young lieutenant keeps Marissa going. When she and Lieutenant O'Rourke initiate a project to help a group of orphaned boys, the war finally regains some meaning.

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4.0 out of 5 stars They Followed the Call September 4, 2012 
By Lori Gross 
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They Followed the Call
This book got my attention from the start and I couldn't put it down. The journey of a young mother torn between her son who she left behind and her goal to help people in a foreign country who are being abused and tortured was well written. 
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5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and Powerful August 26, 2012 
By Jonathan Maberry -NY Times Bestseller 
THEY FOLLOWED THE CALL is the kind of first novel that whispers hard truths in your ear. This is tough subject matter handled with compassion and insight. And even though it's a story torn from today's headlines it has a timeless quality. War has always separated parents from children, and though some wars need to be fought the cost is often more than we want to pay. Highly recommended. 
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5.0 out of 5 stars One not to be missed August 20, 2012 
By Christina chellis 
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Highly recommended. Emotionally moving story of love and honor. Great insight and depth into a mothers emotional conflict between her devotion to her child and her obligations to her nation. 
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At the urging of her daughter in law, eighty four year old Liesel Halston visits her hometown with the hope of finding closure from Nazi persecution and the pain of losing loved ones.

Sitting on a wooden bench, Liesel watches the water of the mighty Rheine-River rushing downstream. The bench dates back to her childhood and is an old, familiar friend. She traces the outline of the heart carved into the backrest. Her beloved grandfather had carved it a long, long time ago. The mesmerizing, rushing, water turns the clock back on Liesel and she remembers when tormenting fear replaced her sheltered childhood. 

Nazi Storm troopers forced Liesel’s father to join the Nazi Party, they flee Germany, and escape the ruthless persecution of the SS. Barely staying a step ahead of the hangman’s noose turns Liesel’s life into a flight from hell. Pursued by the ruthless SS Sturmbannführer Heinrich, terrifying fear is their constant companion. With the help of the underground, they escape to the UK. But the horror of war follows them and they almost lose their lives during the air-raids on London.

When Liesel falls in love and marries Tom Halston, an American Army Captain, she and her family immigrates to the US. Yet it seems the loss of too many loved ones and now the uncertainty of her grandson missing in the desert of Iraq is about to break Liesel's will.

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An old man’s secret, pain and guilt, and a young girl’s inability to deal with the death of her mother will take you inside their shattered lives. 

Author Ashley Thornton stumbles on a heart breaking story when her husband takes the position as Chief of Geriatrics at the county hospital in Garner’s Corner, a small town in Iowa. 

Ashley visits the nursing home to inquire about a candy striper’s job for her daughter. When Ashley looks out of the window, her eye catches an old man in the corner of the patio sitting in a wheelchair. Isolated from the rest of the residents, he stares at a cemetery across the valley. The forlorn look from his grief stricken face makes her heart take a leap. “What story is locked up behind this tormented mask,� she wonders. 

Nurse Vicky Lister becomes aware of Ashley’s interest in the old man’s life during their conversations. Ashley finds out that his is a tragic story indeed. But Vicky has limited knowledge of JP’s life. No one knows anything about the old man’s runaway daughter except Vicky’s husband, Sheriff Mike, and JP’s attorney and confidant, Toni. They know Noel’s dark past but they refuse to talk. They were the ones who found Noel in a New York morgue and brought her home. 

When JP dies, Toni reveals the missing pieces of the old man’s life and what Ashley discovers changes her life forever.

Is war politics by other means or a defeat for humanity? The inherit beast of mankind or a natural consequence of ignorance?

As young warriors drench the soil with their blood, they question why. Political realizations or philosophy does not matter to the soldiers trying to live through another night of gunfire as they wrestle with their feelings. They generate their own courage in defense of their friends or by the necessity of self-preservation. They are the prey so freely provided by the powers that be.

SACRED BLOOD conveys the feelings of fear, courage, yearnings, love, hate, despair and hope that all soldiers share on both sides of the battle lines, from the cold, icy fields of Valley Forge to the burning desert of Iraq. Philosophers, statesmen, and theologians alike have grappled with the morality and justice of the conflicts. 

These feelings come alive in the stories depicting battlefields throughout the wars from 1770 until 2012. Read the book and see the war through the eyes of men and women in the trenches.

      DDilip Lahiri A.K.A. Baapun, a little beggar boy from Dhaka who's life 
      changes when a wealthy Sikh rescues him from an angry vendor after 
      stealing a piece of bread. Raised on beggar’s row, survival at all cost is his
      mantra. His journey from Beggar’s Row to stardom is paved with 
      questionable dealings; smuggling, lusting for loose women, and an 
      addiction to opiates. A beautiful young Chinese girl, with whom he is in love,
      tries to pull him back from the abyss. A trip back to Dhaka’s Beggar’s Row, 
      lands him in a coma. Two nuns from Mother Teresa’s Order nurse him back 
      to health. A newly arrived Interpol inspector, investigating a Hong Kong 
      organized crime boss, gives Baapun a choice of testifying against the mob 
      or go to jail. His friends, including his girlfriend, convince him to testify 
      against the mob, which puts his and the Chinese girl’s life in danger

          When Jacob and Jalila fall in love, her Muslim world collides with 
         Jacob’s Israeli homeland turning their love into turmoil. 

         After Jalila’s parents move their family to Ramallah, life becomes
        difficult and confusing. Friend turns against friend; and their love 
        becomes a prisoner of war caught between the two warring worlds
        separated by Ideologies. When Jacob becomes an officer in the 
        Israeli Special Forces, he finds himself fighting Jalila’s world in 
        order to protect the lives of his homeland brethren.