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Al Lohn

Is this the Price of Freedom?

Freedom, I gave you my husband,
You gave me a neatly folded flag.
Oh, what a trade!

Freedom, I gave you a courageous heart,
You gave me a few well-chosen words.
Oh, what a trade!

Freedom, I gave you the love of my life,
You gave me a medal on a blue ribbon with thirteen white stars.
Oh, what a trade!

They played taps and lowered his body into a cold grave,
Oh, what a price to pay for freedom.

They called him a fallen hero,
They called me the fallen hero’s widow.
They called his child the fallen hero’s son,
Oh, what a price to pay for freedom!

 Al Lohn

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Al Lohn Bio
Al Lohn was born in 1934 on the outskirts of Cologne Germany and educated in the art of apparel manufacturing. He worked until 1956 in his fathers business. 

In November 1956, he immigrated to the USA with his parents and younger brother. Drafted thirteen months later, he served in the US Army for two years and was stationed in Germany where he met his wife. 

After his discharge from the Army, he became the manager of Brooks-Van Horn’s manufacturing department in Philadelphia, a Theatrical costume company serving the entertainment industry. During his ten year-tenure, he worked on many challenging projects such as ‘Holiday on Ice’, ‘Hello Dolly’, the Philadelphia Mummers, historical reproductions for the Marine Corps, the Smithsonian Institute and wax museums. 

During his fifty-year career, he served as Corporate Senior Vice President for Liz Claiborne Inc., and as Corporate Vice President at the Spiegel Group from which he retired in 1998.

His extensive travel during his 50 year career took him around the world to all five continents. His travels gained him a deep understanding of the world’s cultures as well as their trials and tribulations. This, combined with his experience growing up in a war-torn country during World War II, and his military service, compelled him to turn to writing after his retirement. 

He resides in New Jersey with his wife.

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Grandparent's Love
Al Lohn

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